We just celebrated Peanut’s 1st birthday today (so hard to believe a year has gone by!). If you also have 2 under 2 (especially same gender), you may have been asked, “What should I get for (Baby #2) for his/her birthday?” 

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Most likely, you have more than enough clothing. You are probably also all set on the toy front. For those looking for gift ideas, I give you:

Best Birthday Gifts for 2 Under 2

1. Cash is King. Back in the day, I had friends who would balk at the thought of giving cash. “But it’s so impersonal! There’s no thought behind it at all.”

Um, I completely disagree! I love the thought behind giving us cash! It gives us the freedom to buy/pay for what we actually need  as opposed to receiving a physical present. In the name of transparency, with a 2 year old and a 1 year old, the #1 thing we need at the moment is…

2. Diapers. Lots and lots of diapers. (Cash allows us to buy those, even though they are not as cute as a onesie or fun as a toy.) Case in point: We are currently in size 4s during the day. Peanut is in size 5s at night while Nugget is in size 5 overnights!

These are my absolute favorites:


We just bought these for Nugget and so far, we’re loving them too:

*PRO GIFT GIVING TIP*: If you insist on buying actual diapers, make sure to check with mom or dad first on brand and size! It’s so much nicer receiving the diapers we actually use as opposed to a different brand/size. Most parents have a preference on the brand that works best for their family.

3. Gift card. Ok, this is the cousin to cash…but equally useful, depending on where it is from. (I have received gift cards to stores that were either at least 50 miles away or not in my state at all, LOL.)

My personal fave:



4. Clothing. Again, depending on the family, this may or may not be a need.

*PRO GIFT GIVING TIP*Ask Mom or Dad for sizes/season before buying!

5. Personalized items. It’s important to me to get the same things for Peanut that I have for Nugget (that are personalized). Listed are a few of my favorites:

6. Books. Perhaps it’s the teacher in me, but I feel as though you can never have enough books! We are very much deep into board books at the moment.

7. Experiences. One of our favorite gifts Nugget received was a yearly zoo pass. Memberships to museums and tickets to shows can be pricey, so most parents would probably really appreciate these! Also, they are a great way to spend time together and make memories.

What are some of your favorite 2 under 2 gifts?

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Happy shopping,

Best Birthday Gifts for 2 Under 2