Is your child obsessed with all things Paw Patrol? Shopping for a child but not sure what to get? Look no further. Check out my 15 Best Paw Patrol Gifts!

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As a newer parent, I don’t always know what kids are into these days, especially when it comes to toys. I learn as I go, through my friends’ children, by attending birthday parties, and through trial and error. Can I also be honest? I’m not going to spend a bajillion dollars on ONE toy, either. And the toy better be durable, something they’ll actually play with (or use), and have a purpose. The following gifts fit the bill!



Who doesn’t love bath toys? My two have a love/hate relationship with bath time. Some days, we’re great. Other days…not so much. Enter stage left: BATH TOYS. These are cute, durable, and easy to clean. The only bummer is there are only five of them!

Cute little figurines! Warning, though, these are TINY (a little under 2″ each), so not for littles under 3. Great for imaginative play.


Currently, we only have Skye but I’m sure we’ll eventually acquire the whole gang. This is great because you get six all at once!



Ages 3 and up. Also great for cruising around the floor of your house.


Everest is a favorite! If you don’t already have a collection of pups (and their respective rides), this one is a great one to start with. Features a movable claw and comes with Everest. For a
ges 3-5.


Another great vehicle to start with! Marshall and his fire truck, featuring a moving ladder and front cab that flips open. For ages 3+.




Is anyone as obsessed with mess free coloring as I am?! I LOOOOOOVE this, especially if we are at a restaurant or doctor’s office! 


Nugget and Peanut LOVE stickers. This book features over 1000! Perfect, since there are two of them.


We love books of all sorts but the ones with built in sound are especially fun! 


Small board books that are perfect to take on the go. Comes with carrying case!


I love puzzles because they are great for spatial awareness, hand eye coordination, and problem solving. My kiddos like them because they are fun! This particular puzzle is made out of foam, which is great for little hands.

Accessories and Apparel

These are so cute and I love that they are regular-sized backpacks. (The mini backpacks are adorable but absolutely useless at school!)


Super cute, durable, and warm! We are big fans of hoodies with ears. 🙂

The boy version of the sweatshirt above but in all honesty, girls can wear this too! 100% licensed, super cute, and warm.


For the Bedroom


How awesome are these?! I would have loved these when I was little. (Instead, I would cut up magazine photos and tape them to my walls, LOL.) The best part about these decals is they are not permanent! You can move them around or remove them at any time.

Hope this guide helps you in your search for the perfect gift!

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15 Best Paw Patrol Gifts