I’m still in disbelief that Nugget is now 4 years old! Since we just celebrated her birthday and were blessed to receive gifts from so many loved ones, I felt now is the perfect time to bring you…the master best birthday gifts for a 4 year old list.

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Books, Book, and More Books!

As a former teacher, I would be remiss if I did not include books in ANY gift list, let alone best birthday gifts for a 4 year old! Books are awesome and never go out of style.

Here are some of our favorites:


Things to Build 

These are a few of our favorites! Unlimited potential for fun and creativity.


Art Supplies

Creative self expression, anyone? Most kiddos (mine included) LOVE any opportunity to paint, color, draw, and create!


Dress Up Clothes

Children learn through play and what better way than to pretend to be anyone you want? 


Sporty Things

If you don’t already have these, I highly suggest them! Nugget and Peanut have a blast with these.

And yes, there are two different bikes listed! (You definitely do NOT need both.) While doing my research, I came across several reviews in favor of the balance bike. There are no pedals and the child basically “balances” by using his/her feet on the ground while sitting on the bike. We got Nugget and Peanut this bike for Christmas.

Some friends had given us their old 12″ bike with training wheels…and it had been sitting, collecting dust in the garage for a few years. Nugget noticed it and wanted to give it a try. Suddenly, we had TWO kiddos in love with the training wheel bike!

It really depends on your preference (and your child’s).

STEM Toys (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Does the acronym sound intimidating? Not sure where to begin? Fear not! Get started with some of these:


Are there a gazillion more choices for gifts? Most definitely! Is there anything I missed? Drop me a comment. Hopefully, this is a great place to start for you. 

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The Best Birthday Gifts for a 4 Year Old