If you are anything like me, you have…mixed feelings about goodie bags. On the one hand, kids love getting them! On the other…MORE STUFF ENTERING YOUR HOME. (Am I right?!) You could just not do a goodie bag at all (which is totally fine!). But…if you decide to do one…here are my favorite party favors:

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Mini tubs of playdough

Who doesn’t love playdough?! I love that there are a gajillion in this pack. More bang for your buck!



Again, stickers are a crowd favorite! (These are especially fun because they are scented.)



Bubbles are fun and festive.



These are some of our family’s favorite treats.


Lip balm

Who can’t use a little moisturizing for the lips? Also, kids looooooove these.


Random but fun things

The bag

I’ve bought fancy bags but these work just as well! (And they’re less expensive!)



Hope you got some inspo from this post! If you did, please share!

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Favorite Party Favors & Goodie Bag Stuffers