Heading to the pool this summer with the kiddos? Check out my ten swimming essentials!

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If you are heading to the pool or beach, this is the #1 essential in my book! (I’ve tried using regular tote bags but they just don’t cut it!) This is the bag we have and I absolutely LOVE it.

It’s large enough to fit four beach towels AND all of our stuff (including snacks!). I love the zipper on the inside and the ginormous pockets all around the outside.

Beach Bag


I’m a big fan of sunscreens with zinc oxide. These are my faves:

Badger Sunscreen

Blue Lizard Sunscreen


We’ve tried different brands of goggles and we keep coming back to Speedo. They have a nice, tight seal around the eye area and the head band is adjustable and sturdy.



These are absorbent, soft, and a great size!



We are huge fans of two piece suits with rash guards.

Parenting hack #1: two pieces make going to the bathroom easier (thanks to our cousin for giving us this tip!).

Parenting hack #2: rash guards = more skin coverage = less chance for sunburns!

Parenting hack #3: choose colors that are more visible in the water (avoid blue!).



Have you ever gone to the pool or beach in the wrong shoes? It’s the worst!! (Especially the beach, IMO.) These are our tried and true favorites:

Easy to slip on, washable, dries quickly! 



Cozy terrycloth with pockets and hood. Perfect!


So many toys to choose from! Make your toy decision based on where you are heading (public pool, private pool, beach, etc.)

These are great for kids to practice going under water and diving.

Ride on or float with, these are perfect for relaxing in the water.

Our pool actually bans inflatable items, so check the rules of the pool you are heading to! The baby float on the left is made out of foam. We’ve enjoyed and used the baby float on the right (inflatable). Love that they both have sun protection!

Our kiddos LOVE these (I mean…who wouldn’t?) but we only use these at home or at a private pool. 

One of my biggest regrets when we went to the beach was not bringing beach toys! Our kids would play in the sand forever if we let them, LOL. This beach toy package has everything!



We bring water with us wherever we go. This is our favorite bottle, hands down! It keeps drinks hot OR cold for hours, doesn’t spill, and is big without being cumbersome.


#10: A WET BAG

Honestly, a plastic grocery bag will do the job, but these are so much prettier! And they have a zipper!



My littles have recently started using these nose clips. They are slightly too big and tend to fall off…but for the most part, they get the job done! The stackable lunch containers are great for keeping food cool (or hot). The swim trainer vests can be an added layer of protection for kiddos who aren’t fully swimming yet.


Did I leave anything out????? (Honestly, I don’t think you’re going to want to lug much more than this anyway, LOL.) Hope this helps. 


Hope you have some happy pool adventures!

Ten Swimming Essentials