If you are anything like me, you are constantly looking for ideas to keep your littles busy AND you love a good deal. Sound familiar? LOOK NO FURTHER! I have found the BEST online learning tool for young kids.

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As a former first grade teacher and parent of two littles (Nugget is 4, Peanut is 2 1/2), I try to have a certain set of criteria for things my kiddos play with/watch/engage in. After all, time is precious, am I right? As a rule of thumb, I ask myself: 

  • Is it educational? 
  • Is it fun?
  • Is it safe?
  • Do they enjoy it?

Imagine my utter delight and great surprise when I finally signed up for this! (By the way, the answers are all ‘yes’.)

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ABCmouse is geared towards children ages 2-8. I have only explored the sections for ages 2-5 but so far, I’m super impressed. It literally has EVERYTHING I could ask for.

Kiddos can work on:

  • Basic computer skills (e.g., how to navigate using a track pad or mouse)


  • Listening skills (following directions for how to navigate through the website, playing games, listening to songs and stories)


  • Literacy skills (including but not limited to alphabet recognition, letter sounds, phonics, sight words, book read alouds)


  • Math skills (including but not limited to number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, grouping, recognizing same and different, patterns)


  • Shapes, colors, tracing letters and numbers


  • Play games, color by letter/number, puzzles


In addition, I love that you can customize the avatars (for teacher and child) to include different skin tones, hair styles, and facial features. Representation is so important, and kids love seeing themselves on screen!

A super fun, surprising component:

Kids earn tickets for every activity they complete. Tickets can then be used to “purchase” different things: furniture or toys for the child’s room, clothing, pets, etc. While kids are actively learning (by doing whatever activity they are engaged in), they are also inadvertently learning about earning and saving! Then they get to go shopping (without accidentally buying something in real life!).

Another fantastic component:

For the price of admission, parents can add THREE children! The children’s levels can also be customized and adjusted as needed.

Ok, this is all great but…isn’t this the equivalent of sticking my kid in front of a screen? I’m a fan of limited screen time.

Nope, nope, nopetity nope! As I mentioned earlier, this is the best online learning tool. It in no way, shape or form replaces one-on-one interaction with Mom, Dad, or teacher. That time and interaction is priceless! But this is an AMAZING resource. The child is engaged and interacting with the program (as opposed to just watching) and different skills are reinforced again and again, in different ways. You (and your child) choose how long to engage!

As Peanut is only 2 1/2, her attention span is quite short. We literally turn on the computer and navigate through one, maybe two activities and then she’s off running into the next room in search of her next task. Nugget will go through 10 or 12 activities in one sitting. Some days, we hop on, other days, we skip it altogether. But I LOVE that this has become a part of our lives!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with trying to teach your children, this is an incredible place to start.

You will automatically see firsthand what skills your child should be working on for his/her age group. And you will get so many great ideas on things you can do with your child!

If you’re ready to take the leap, click on the icon below!

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Here’s to making learning fun,

The Best Online Learning Tool for Young Kids