If you’re anything like me, you love toddler activities that are low prep, preferably using materials you already have at home! Enter stage left: Magnetic Alphabet Match.

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As a former-teacher-turned-stay-at-home-toddler mom, I am constantly on the hunt for awesome toddler activities (especially since I have two, LOL!). I loved the different skills involved in this alphabet match activity from Happy Toddler PlaytimeEssentially, you match the color AND the magnetic letter to its buddy on the refrigerator. I was so excited, I started prepping my magnetic alphabet match activity.

Unfortunately, either the magnets on our letters aren’t strong enough or the paper I used was simply too heavy. The letters would not stick to my fridge! BOO. Time for plan B.

Use Cookie Sheets!

Cookie sheets are magnetic. And I had plenty of them! I quickly wrote the letters on a piece of computer paper and taped them to the cookie sheet (because they are still being used for cookies, LOL). I started off with a few random letters and set the sheet out for Nugget.

magnetic letters on a cookie sheet

Much to my pleasure, shock, and surprise, she completed the task in about 30 seconds.

magnetic alphabets with cookie sheet

toddler playing with magnetic alphabets on cookie sheet

Proud Mommy moment!!!

I decided to up the ante and do a second sheet requiring more letters. Of course, at that point, Nugget had lost interest and had moved on to another activity. We’ll try again tomorrow and see what happens.

Materials We Used:

**If I had had the rainbow colored markers, I would have matched the colors but as I only had black…black it was. This activity was easy to prep, mess free, and fun!

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Magnetic Alphabet Match