Have you woken up and decided that TODAY is the day you are going to venture out with your 2 under 2? Alone?

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First, decide on location of adventure.

When choosing a destination, be mindful of things like distance, mode of transportation, and length of travel time.

Our target destination: local park, 1 block away.

Because we are so close to the park, we usually walk! These are our wheels of choice:

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07/17/2024 03:03 pm GMT


Next, feed the children.

Offer milk to the nurslings. Along with a snack. We must be well hydrated and full-bellied before leaving the premises. Also, Mama is NOT going to be tandem nursing outdoors in 40 degree weather.

Of course, even though we JUST had a snack, Mama must be prepared and bring snacks with!

I love this handy little container for snacks. Pretty much spill proof AND the girls can serve themselves. (Although Peanut likes to stuff her mouth like a chipmunk!)

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07/18/2024 04:45 pm GMT


LOVE these water bottles! Also pretty much spill proof and the girls can stay hydrated. Peanut recently learned how to drink with a straw so she is in love with this bottle.


Then, clothe the children.

Pull out clothes for toddler and baby. Since it is winter in Chicago, this = layers upon layers upon layers.

Realize that one of the layers is the wrong size.

Run upstairs to grab different clothes.

Run back downstairs.

Handle other household duties while attempting to clothe children because…you’re a mom. And momming means multitasking.

Let dog out in backyard.

Run dishwasher.

Do a load of laundry.

Begin process of “getting ready”.

{Time elapsed since waking up with idea of leaving the house with 2 under 2: 30 minutes, 4 seconds.}

Continue dressing the children.

Change baby’s diaper, put on layers of clothes, put on bootie socks.

My faves:

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07/17/2024 03:17 pm GMT

Change toddler’s diaper, put on layers of clothes, put on snow boots.

Realize toddler’s boots are muddy. Chase her throughout house.

Clean. Because we are ALWAYS. CLEANING. SOMETHING!

Wipe up muddy floor.

Let dog back into house.

In horror, realize that he has a piece of feces hanging from his bum. Run across house screaming, “Noooooooooo!!!” while shooing him back outside. Baby is now screaming because you frightened her with your own screaming. 

Quickly clean and disinfect floor.

Activate damage control button.

Wash hands and comfort baby.

Put baby down, comfort toddler, who is now crying because baby just sneezed on her.

Let dog back in. Realize (as he’s running past you) that he has muddy paws.

Clean floor for the third time. Laugh because this is the most the floor’s been cleaned all month.

Cry a little on the inside.

Resume process of “getting ready”.

Run upstairs to quickly change clothes.

Pick up baby. Realize that she has lost one bootie sock (I thought they weren’t supposed to be able to take those off???) AND she is completely soaked through.

Realize that the cause of her wetness is…BREASTMILK. From my leaking, braless self. Who is now also soaked through.

{Time elapsed since last time check: 15 minutes, 45 seconds.}

Run back upstairs to change again.

Change baby into dry layers.


{Time elapsed since you concocted this brilliant idea: 1 hour, 36 minutes, 24 seconds.}

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Happy adventuring,



How to Get Out of the House With 2 Under 2