If you are looking for a quick, easy, EXTREMELY LOW PREP name tracing activity…you’ve come to the write right place! (Ha, ha)

But really. You have!

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This is a great way to provide your little one with an opportunity to practice writing his/her name (or anything you choose, really). But name tracing is a great place to start!


I started out by printing Nugget’s name on a sheet of copy paper with black pen. Next, I slid the paper inside a sheet protector. Nugget selected her own dry erase marker. After I showed her how to trace each letter, I let her have at it! EASIEST NAME TRACING ACTIVITY EVER. The best part of this activity (besides the prep taking 30 seconds if you already have the materials in place) is that it can be repeated (over and over again) using the exact same materials! 

Child engaging in name tracing activity


I love that these dry erase markers are easy for small hands to hold. Bonus that they come with a tiny eraser on the end! (Although a sheet of paper towel works just as well.)

Obviously, this activity can be scaled down to do single letters (or numbers) but we decided to work on Nugget’s name.

And that’s it! Easy peasy.


Sheet protectors are a great alternative to laminating (if you want to write on top of it).

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Happy tracing!

Name Tracing Activity