Hey all! This hospital bag list has been composed POST CHILDBIRTH…meaning, I lived it and am bringing you the barest of minimums in what to pack in your hospital bag.

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If the thought of having to lug a lot of stuff overwhelms you, this is the hospital bag list for you! 

Hospital Bag Items for Mom:

  • A comfy outfit to go home in
      • If having c-section, opt for a loose, flowy dress to avoid having anything on incision
      • If it’s winter, choose the loosest pants you can find!
      • Nursing top if you are planning on breastfeeding 
      • COMFORTABLE SHOES —–> I ended up wearing flip flops (which are not the best for support) because my feet were so incredibly swollen and did not fit inside any of my shoes!
  • Basic toiletry items (toothbrush, toothpaste, body soap, deodorant, pads)
  • CHAPSTICK — my must have item — it gets so dry in the hospital!
  • Phone charger, preferably with extra long cord and your phone


Hospital Bag Items for Baby:

  • Outfit to go home in
  • Car seat (obviously, not in your hospital bag but you will need one, LOL)



Practice and futz around with the car seat BEFORE you have the baby! Unfortunately, for Baby #1, we did not (because…new parents) and ended up having a really stressful encounter at the hospital. You can also check with your local police or fire department to see if they will install your car seat for you ahead of time.

So…this is really all I need to bring?!

In all honesty…yes. This is the most minimalist version of a hospital bag I could come up with. Most likely, your hospital will provide all of the extras. If, however, you want to be ultra ultra prepared and want all the extras…head on over to my comprehensive hospital bag list.

Wishing you an amazing birth experience,

Must Have Hospital Bag Items - Minimalist Version