You’ve just found out that you are pregnant with Baby #2. CONGRATS!!! Baby #1 is still a wee one. Most likely, you already have a house full of stuff from Baby #1…but surely, you need to buy a few more things for Baby #2? Head spinning yet? Fear not. I present to you my list of…What to Buy When You are About to Have 2 Under 2.

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Even if you are having a baby of a different gender than your first, you can still share a lot of the basic items: onesies, socks, pajamas, etc. Honestly, I wouldn’t even stress about clothing until the kiddos get a little older!

My Big Ticket Item: A Double Stroller

I know there are people who prefer not to or simply choose not to have one. My littles are now 4 and 2 1/2 and we STILL use our double stroller!

I did a ton of research before finally deciding on this one:

Things I love about this stroller:

  • Considering it’s a double stroller, it’s fairly lightweight but INCREDIBLY sturdy
  • It’s super easy to collapse
  • The seats are side by side, as opposed to front and back
  •  Other features include storage underneath buggy, sunshade, seats that recline all the way back (great for naps on the go!)

In my humble opinion, a double stroller (and possibly a baby carrier) is THE WAY TO GO when heading out into the world. Especially if you are doing it solo! A double stroller keeps the littles CONTAINED when you are mobile (think parking lots, zipping through stores, or trying to get from point A to point B). 

Smaller Ticket Item, But a Must Have for Me:

Why is this a must have, you ask? Let me count the ways.

  • There will be MANY times when you will need to tend to Baby #1…but Baby #2 also needs you. In the early days, Baby #2 will most likely be perfectly content nestled up against your chest. A baby carrier allows you to bond with Baby #2 and keep him/her content, be hands free, and allow you to engage with Baby #1.
  • There will be other times when Baby #2 will be fussy wussy and the only way to soothe him/her down is…walking around in the baby carrier.
  • The carrier allows you to safely transport your little while remaining hands free. Need I say more??? Think trips to public washrooms, walking through the airport, grocery shopping, etc. If you really want to be ambitious, you can tandem wear!

An Awesome Diaper Bag, Preferably Hands Free

With Baby #1, I had a standard, run-of-the-mill diaper bag…and I loved it! It was large enough to fit a house, and looked “cute”. It was pink and screamed “baby”. Perfect.

When Baby #2 arrived, I quickly realized…Mama don’t have hands for that! As with all things with shoulder straps, this bag was no different and I was constantly shifting and shuffling to get the darn thing to stay on my shoulder.

Enter stage left…the diaper bag backpack. This is our tried and trusty friend:

I’m sure there are fancier, shinier models out there…but this one is PERFECT for us. I love that there is plenty of room for two sets of everything (change of clothes, water bottles or juice cups), the side pockets are insulated for drinks and snacks, and there are a million pockets.

Mode of Transportation

I love the infant carseat for the early days, especially for doctor’s office visits. You just pop the whole carrier, baby and all, out of the car and off you go! 

This was our carseat…and we loved it!

Eventually, baby will outgrow this carseat…we switched to a convertible seat. This was a game changer, by the way, for both babies (who were not fans of riding in the car!).

Since we are a bed sharing family, we did not need a crib but that may be something to consider if your first child is still in his/hers. (For more deets on bedsharing, head on over to How Bed Sharing Found Me and 5 Items For Bed Sharing I Never Knew I Needed.

Want to make sure you didn’t miss anything? Check out my 10 Must Haves For Baby.

Did I miss anything? Hopefully, this list will help get your started. Once again, congrats and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!


What to Buy When You are About to Have 2 Under 2