Looking for the best energy burning toys for toddlers? Ones with the best bang for your buck? Bonus if they can be used both indoor and outdoor? Look no further!

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A Bounce House

As far as big ticket items go, this is the most AMAZING purchase we have made to date! We spent hours reading reviews and asking friends and family who also have bounce houses. (Our former next door neighbors actually have this exact same bounce house.) As far as cost, quality, and durability, this one was the best. It’s fairly easy to set up, complete with an industrial blower motor that is GFCI protected, for outdoor use (Hubs is an electrician and looks for these details). It also comes with strong straps to bind the bounce house with once it’s been deflated and rolled/folded. It’s heavy but is definitely manageable as a one person set up (I’ve put it up and taken it down by myself several times). It’s pretty simple and no frills (e.g., no basketball hoop or slide) but in my opinion, that’s the beauty of it! 

Safety Hack: Add your own velcro to the opening to provide a sturdier seal. 

My little monkeys love to throw themselves against the entrance/exit (which comes with three velcro tabs). I added velcro tabs all up and down the entire length of the opening, so we’re all good!


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07/18/2024 02:22 pm GMT

At our old house, we set up the bounce house in the backyard. If you are going to do that, I highly recommend buying a tarp to place underneath, to protect the bounce house from moisture and rocks. This is the one we have:


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07/18/2024 02:55 am GMT

The bounce house has been such a hit at our parties but more importantly…

Our girls love it!

This has been such a godsend this winter and now, during the quarantine! We are lucky enough to have space in our basement to inflate this. If you have room INSIDE your house, I highly recommend this for rainy days/days when you just can’t get out. We threw in a beach ball and the girls went to town. (Full disclosure: mom and dad even joined in! LOL)

A Roller Coaster

I was beyond excited when I spotted this gem at a garage sale! We initially had this outdoors at our old house but now have it indoor at our new home. It definitely can be used outside but if you do, I would recommend putting it away afterwards. We made the mistake of leaving it out and it got funky and waterlogged after it rained! Boo.

Besides the obvious fun to be had (actually riding the roller coaster down the ramp), this toy provides lots of opportunities for movement. You have to walk/ride the car BACK to the beginning of the ride. My girls can spend a good 20 minutes taking turns walking the little yellow car back and forth.

The girls also love just pushing the car down the ramp by itself (or with a stuffed animal passenger). They will also walk/crawl/slide/shimmy down the ramp, roll balls down the ramp, use the ramp as a bed for their baby dolls. The possibilities are endless.



A slide

We’ve had this toy from day 1. Simple yet fun. It’s lightweight and perfect for moving between rooms. If you are looking for a space saver, this is it! 



A teeter totter and/or rocker

Nugget and Peanut are obsessed with rockers! Here are the ones we love:

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A friend once told me that every toddler loves these. Mine are no exception! (Naturally, we have two.) The bottom panel comes off so little legs can move the car on their own. Nugget had fun pushing Peanut around when she was too little to maneuver it on her own. Great for indoor or outdoor use. (Warning: If you do decide to use outdoors without putting it away, it WILL get waterlogged!)



Sporty Things

What better way to get the kiddos moving than to play a sport? Chase a ball, crawl through things, walk back and forth to chase ball…

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These are some of our favorite energy burning toys for toddlers. Are there any you would add to the list?

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Here’s to engaging (and tiring out!) our favorite toddlers,

Best Energy Burning Toys for Toddlers