As your little one grows, moves through different stages of development, and becomes more mobile, it’s important to take into consideration his/her play needs. Inevitably, you will need furniture pieces for your little one’s play area.

(Translation: Time for mama to go shopping!) 

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Depending on your living quarters, spatial considerations, and budget, you may or may not need or want all of these things. (A girl can dream, however.) Some folks might decorate the nursery; others may have a designated play room. We have a 10′ x 6′ area of space, so…whatever you have, you just make it work! The key is choosing furniture that is both functional and fits into your living space.

10 Must Have Pieces of Furniture for Your Little One’s Play Area

1. A great rug

We have hardwood floors, so a rug is a must! Even if you had carpet though, a rug is a great way to separate the floor and add a little pop of color to the room. Here are some cute (and affordable!) options:

Here’s a simple geometric rug:

2. A play mat

You could do this instead of a rug (or on top of one, like we do…because…hardwood floors).

This is the mat we have. I love that it’s colorful, printed on both sides, and nontoxic. I also wanted one large, solid mat (as opposed to the puzzle mat). It’s easy to wipe up too!

This is also a great choice if you’d rather not have a solid mat. The pieces are interlinking alphabet and number puzzles pieces.

3. Table and chairs

Once your nugget can walk and sit, s/he will need a place to sit, do art work, and have a snack. 

This set is plastic, lightweight, colorful, and easy to clean:

This is its wooden counterpart. Also colorful and easy to clean, but heavier and a bit pricier:

4. Book storage

I have seen several different set ups. Again, a lot depends on how much space you have. This would be my ideal set up:

But this is more our speed:

5. Other storage

You will definitely need storage for all of your LO’s toys!

I would love, love, love something like this with some cute wicker baskets! (In actuality, we have an old bookcase I had bought for my classroom so…whatever. We’re making it work!)

6. Seating

Nugget LOVES this chair!! She sits in it to read (or be read to) and sometimes puts her baby dolls in it. The cover is machine washable (bonus!) and it’s soft and comfy. The only slight design flaw is the placement of the owl’s nose…? It pokes out right where your back would be…though Nugget doesn’t seem to mind one bit!

I just *might* have to get this when Nugget #2 arrives:

In all honesty, my list ends here. But…if I had unlimited space and a bigger budget, I’d add items 7-10:

7. A chalkboard/art easel

Does this qualify as “furniture” or is it considered a toy? Hm. Anyway. This would make a great addition to your little one’s room!

8. A reading nook

I love the idea of having a little space set aside just for reading and cuddling with lovies!

9. Something to play in

(I think these are considered toys more so than furniture.) But I think these are just so fun!

10. Something to play on

I love that this can be used for puzzles, blocks, games, Legos…you name it.

Hope this makes your decorating project a little easier!





10 Must Have Furniture Pieces for Your Little One\'s Play Area