As a child who grew up in southern California, I never even knew what winter gear was. Fast forward some 20+ years later…I now live in the Midwest and have quite the collection of winter apparel! When Nugget was born, I quickly realized I knew nothing about winter baby clothes or how to dress a baby for cold weather.

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 Through trial and error (and lots of research), I’ve learned the following:

1. You get what you pay for.

2. Do not skimp on items related to safety and warmth.

As we know, baby clothes can be SO expensive! Even though babies don’t stay in the same sizes for very long, I decided to invest in the best when it came to winter baby clothes. I simply love the quality of these items. Parenting Hack: Buy used clothing!

Without further ado, I give you my…

5 Must Have Winter Baby Clothes


1. The Best Bootie Socks Ever

Attention, mamas whose babies love to pull off their socks! This bootie sock is for you. Made from fleece, with grippy bottoms, this bootie is warm and perfect for baby or toddler. Each bootie has two snaps, allowing for bigger or smaller feet. Baby will have a hard time pulling these off (though it’s not impossible!).

Best Booties


2. The Perfect Bunting for Baby

This bunting is made from fleece and has a hood, fold over mittens and footies–perfect for baby! (Toddler can wear too but I really like this for baby.) Nugget and Peanut both wore the same one during our cold Chicago winter outings. 

Best Baby Bunting


3. The Perfect Bunting for Toddler

Nugget has this bunting! We’ve used it for playing in the snow, sledding, making snowmen, and walking around outdoors. It also comes with a hood and fold over mittens and footies. The best part? It’s wind and water resistant–ideal for a toddler who’s on the go! 

Best Toddler Bunting

4. Best Snow Boots

Love these! They are sturdy, warm, well constructed, and keep Nugget’s feet nice and dry. They’re tall enough to go underneath snow pants or bunting and they can be tightened in two places, with a drawstring and velcro.

Best Toddler Snow Boots


5. An Amazing Winter Coat—That’s Car Seat Safe!

Ok, this was truly a game changer for me, especially having two under two! When I had only Nugget and she was in the infant carrier, it was easy peasy. Pop the carrier out, throw a blanket on and off we go. Once Nugget moved to a convertible car seat, I learned that most coats are not supposed to be worn in car seats because they are usually puffy and can add up to 4 additional inches of slack beneath the straps. Thus, coats must be removed prior to driving off and put on after reaching one’s destination.

This isn’t too bad with one but with two…I decided to bite the bullet and get a coat that could be worn in the car seat. One less step for mama!

I absolutely LOVE this coat! It’s pricey but as I mentioned before, you get what you pay for! It’s warm, well made, and can be worn straight from the house.

Best Car Seat Safe Coat



The best part about all of this…two words: ONLINE SHOPPING. A definite must in this mama of two’s house!

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Happy shopping and stay warm! 


5 must have winter baby clothes




5 Must Have Winter Baby Clothes