Are you a new mama who is also breastfeeding? Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff out there?! Don’t feel like shelling out gazillions of dollars on clothing you’ll only end up wearing once or twice? Looking for the best nursing tops?

I got you, girl.

When I first had Nugget, I made the mistake of wearing a beautiful (but not breastfeeding friendly AT ALL) dress to a public outing. NEVER AGAIN!!! (For the record, it was a long sleeve mini dress that had a round neck, with buttons on the back. I had to lift the dress all the way up to my neck in order to nurse, which meant I had to go hide in my car because the venue didn’t have a room for me. I was NOT about to nurse on a toilet either!)

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Now that I am a mommy of two nurslings, I’ve learned how to dress wisely. It has been my personal mission to find the BEST nursing tops!

(Curious about breastfeeding two littles? Read on to find out how to tandem nurse like a boss.)

These are my 8 favorite nursing tops, by style:

They’re all comfy, cute, and affordable. The best part is they are all available on Amazon! (Shopping in a brick and mortar store with two under two can be dicey, so it’s online shopping all the way for this mama!) Since I also have Amazon Prime, most of the time, shipping is free and I get my merchandise almost immediately.

My all-time favorite “fancy” nursing tank

I love, love, LOVE these tanks! I’m also a sucker for deals. Love that this is a three pack! The tanks are soft and comfy and super feminine. Bonus that the top ruffle provides a bit of coverage when I nurse in public with no cover. Pair with jeans to go casual or black pants for a dressier look.

The long sleeve counterpart

Same great feel and three pack deal, except in long sleeve form. Super comfy and versatile.

The short sleeve counterpart

I LOVE the Bearsland brand! Shirts are so soft and comfy.


Sassy cold shoulder shirt

Such a cute, feminine, comfy shirt…that doesn’t even look like a nursing top!

The coolest nursing tank ever

These tanks are designed to be worn under a regular top, turning the outfit into a breastfeeding friendly one. You can lift up your outer top and the tank underneath still provides coverage for your belly.

Full disclosure: I LOVE this tank so much (I actually have two of them) BUT…I end up not wearing them because I am a walking heater! I can’t handle wearing layers anymore (so no two shirt method for this Mama). If you don’t have a problem with layers, this tank is perfect for you!

Comfy casual tanks

These are great for wearing around the house! Super stretchy and long (provides great tummy coverage). Comes in larger sizes too (a bonus!). Three pack in neutral colors. Built in bra.

If you just want a single tank, this one’s for you! Sturdy strap clips too.

“Dressier” top


This top is so feminine and pretty. So many tops are either tanks or casual t’s…this beautiful lacy number could be paired with black pants for a more elegant look or dressed down with jeans. Either way, it’s a win-win!

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8 Best Nursing Tops