Do you suspect you might be a tandem nursing mama? Read on to see some of the telltale signs!

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You Know You’re a Tandem Nursing Mama When…

1. You have two children.  laughing emoji laughing emoji Who breastfeed. The end. (Just kidding)

2. You are ALWAYS hungry.

3. Your arms are super strong from carrying two!

4. Many of your tops are milk stained. (======>This is my favorite nursing top.)

5. Lactation cookies. Or just cookies.

6. You know how much time has passed depending on how engorged you become.

7. Your babies can smell your milk a mile away.

8. ICE. COLD. WATER. All the time. (=====>I carry this water bottle with me.)

9. You’ve been kicked or punched in the face at least once from “nursing acrobatics”.

10. One baby has woken up the other during a nursing session.

11. You have a bladder of steel. (Especially when babies have fallen asleep on you!)

12. You may have been bitten once or twice (and lived to tell about it!).

13. You’ve been asked how long you plan on nursing. (Then you see the look on their face when you say you are tandem nursing!)

14. You’ve defied the laws of physics when it comes to how far in the opposite direction your nipples will stretch.

15.Crumbs *may* have been dropped on your nurslings’ heads.

16. You drip at LEAST once a day. (Try these nursing pads  to prevent leaking through your bra!)

17. You’ve mastered the art of nursing anywhere.

18. The sound of your babies guzzling is music to your ears.

19. You’ve developed an aversion to nipple pinching/flicking/twiddling.

20. Your nipples are like toughened warriors.

21. At one point, you may have suffered from nursing aversion.

22. You feel like a superhero when you are able to comfort/soothe/provide nourishment to your babies.

23. You wouldn’t trade this for the world.


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Nurse on, Mamas!


You Know You\'re a Tandem Nursing Mama When...