Nugget is almost 2! (How in the world is that even possible???) As we enter into the next phase of life, I am constantly on the hunt for must have toddler toys (much to the chagrin of Hubs, LOL).

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As I watch Nugget grow and change and develop, I’m constantly on the hunt for toddler toys that are: 

a) developmentally appropriate

b) size appropriate for our house (small)

c) interesting, engaging, and has a purpose

d) won’t break the bank

**Obviously, as with any and all toys, check to see what ages they are designed for and provide adult supervision.**


The following are the top 12 must have toddler toys that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Mega Bloks

What kid doesn’t love blocks? Mega Bloks are bigger than regular Legos and better suited for little toddler hands. Nugget can play with these independently or with others. I love that these allow her to build things, work on spatial recognition, colors, patterns, and measuring. Quite honestly, her favorite thing to do is unzip the bag and dump out the entire contents onto the floor, LOL!

Apparently, there are a gazillion different sets out there but this is the one we were gifted for Nugget’s first birthday. I’ve been holding onto it for her. Just opened it today and it’s a big hit!

LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train

Chunky Puzzles with Sound

Again, I love the opportunity for Nugget to work on spatial recognition. Puzzles are wonderful for that along with problem solving, matching and independent play. The sounds are fun and add an additional layer of learning (identifying, naming, matching, listening, recognizing).

Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle

Little Tikes First Slide

This the perfect slide for nervous Nellies like me! The height and slope are just right for a toddler. Nugget even likes to climb UP the slide (Don’t all kids love to do that??!) Can be used outdoors or indoors (currently -6 degrees here today so…awesome for indoor). This is one piece of equipment that isn’t huge or crazy expensive while still providing your child with the opportunity for movement.

Playskool Mr. Potato Head

I have fond memories of Mr. Potato Head from my own childhood. It’s just a fun and silly toy!



One of my personal favorites…but when I introduced Nugget to it the other day, she got scared! I’ve noticed that she doesn’t like getting her hands messy and I think the texture also weirded her out. We’ll try again later but this toy has potential for HOURS of fun and is great for kinetic learning.


Adora Sweet Baby Girl “Blossom”

Every toddler should have a baby doll! Nugget loves to hold, rock, shush, put a diaper on, and buckle her babies into bouncy seats. She likes to mirror the way Hubs and I nurture her and Peanut. It’s incredibly sweet!


Intex Inflatable Beach Ball


Seriously, this is one of the simplest (yet most loved) toys ever (right up there with cardboard box)! We like to play with a beach ball or a light playground ball because we throw it around inside the house. If you play outside, you could probably get something a bit heavier.


Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection

Nugget JUST discovered the joys of coloring on a cardboard box. 


Step2 Little Helpers Kids Shopping Cart

Toddlers LOVE to push things around! Great for giving baby doll a ride around the house too.


The Gruffalo Box Set The Gruffalo and the Gruffalos Child

Ok, so not exactly a toy per se, but the teacher in me can’t resist adding books to the list. Nugget is OBSESSED with The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. Such adorable books!


BUCKLE TOY “Blizzard” Penguin

Buckling is a great skill for those tiny fingers to start practicing! I love that this little guy’s back unzips too, so Nugget can put her little treasures inside.


VTech Chomp and Count Dino


We love Vtech toys! Most of them, I bought used off of Facebook but this guy I bought new. Totally worth it! Great for counting, colors, and shapes. You feed it through the mouth (and empty through the belly). It even sings!


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Happy shopping,

toddler boy sitting in kiddie pool with soccer ball and pail


12 Must Have Toddler Toys