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If you’re searching for the best bibs for your baby, you’ve come to the right place.

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So…what makes for a good bib?

My relationship with bibs began when Nugget started teething. I remember one of my friends asking, “Does your baby wear anything other than bibs???” She was being facetious…but when I looked at Nugget’s photos…she was wearing one in every shot!

They were a necessity. If she didn’t wear one, her outfit would get soaked within ten minutes!

Thus began my hunt for the perfect bibs.

And now, I have a second child!


Bibs should be absorbent.

This seems to be an obvious requirement but you’d be surprised by how many aren’t! Some have a plastic backing (great for protecting baby’s clothes, not so great for the dryer). Others are made of cotton (a wonderful, breathable fabric). Still others are plastic or silicone (easily wipeable). Whatever the material and whatever its purpose for being worn, a bib’s number one function should be: keep moisture away from baby!

Bibs need to be fastened well.

I’m not really a fan of velcro for two reasons: one, it sticks to tulle in the dryer (mama of two girls here, we have lots of tulle in our wardrobe, LOL) and two, the baby can easily rip the bib off of herself. Also, after multiple uses, the velcro starts to wear out, thereby rendering the bib useless. Some people seek out velcro through, so I suppose it’s a matter of personal preference.

Heavy duty bibs (silicone) sometimes have hard fasteners that leave marks on the back of baby’s neck. No bueno!

Ties on the back of bibs…um, what? Why??? Just, no.

Bibs with snaps…now that’s my jam!

Bibs need to fit properly.

They mustn’t be too tight (obviously), cover the baby’s neck/chest area, and not have a gap. Some of the bandana bibs we’ve tried fit more like an actual bandana than a bib, leaving a huge area on the baby unprotected and, therefore, wet! They look cute and trendy…but are not functional. Mama doesn’t have time for that!

Bonus: Bibs could (should?) be cute!

Function over form is what I say. Still, it doesn’t hurt to look cute! (As long as bibs are functional.)


And now, without further ado, I give you my list of…

Best Bibs for Baby

Carter’s Baby Girls’ 4-Pack Teething Bibs

I absolutely ADORE these bibs for the fact that they snap, can be thrown into the dryer with no problems, and are fairly absorbent. Also, Carter’s has bibs in every color, for almost every special occasion/holiday, and bibs with pithy sayings like “Happy Baby = Happy Mommy”. I would use these for everyday use as well as for going out (church, outings, photo ops). They’re cute AND functional.

Maxy Moo Moo Waterproof Bibs

These are my “no nonsense, gets the job done” bibs. They come in a variety of solid colors, are made of three layers (super absorbent), and have snaps, which can be adjusted to three different sizes. Maxy Moo Moo even provides a lifetime “Baby Proof” guarantee! These are perfect for high volume messy days.  

Posh Peanut Baby Bandana Bibs

Ok, can we just talk about how gorgeous these bibs are?! In all honesty, they are the most beautiful bibs I have ever seen. At first, I was leery of the bandana style, having tried another brand before and not being a fan (remember my comment about bandanas leaving a gap at the top?). If you look closely at the neckline of this bib, it’s not as “scooped”…in fact, it fit under Peanut’s neck PERFECTLY. It also comes with snaps (yay) and can be adjusted to three different sizes. The material is 100% cotton, so it’s soft and breathable, but also surprisingly absorbent, despite not having a plastic backing like other bibs. I love that Posh Peanut also has a 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee.

Their designs are chic and stylish. (This 4-pack is called “Italia”–so pretty!) These bibs are also longer than most bandana bibs we’ve tried, making for great coverage.

They’re so lovely, I almost don’t even want Peanut to wear them while eating, lol. But no, that’s the point, right? To wear them and enjoy them every day?

I will DEFINITELY be putting these on her for special occasions and photo shoots! 

Bumkins Sleeved Bib

This bib was our go-to when we started baby-led weaning with Nugget (read about other BLW essentials for more info). One things about BLW…it can get MESSY! This bib is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION if you are not in the mood to do an entire wardrobe change. It pretty much covers little bub from the neck down, including arms. Bonus that it has a huge pocket at the bottom. Perfect for catching stray chunks of food. Also easily wiped down with a wet cloth.

Tommee Tippee Easi-Roll Up Bib

The Tommee Tippee bib is less intense than the “full body suit” bib but also provides decent coverage during messy meals (think spaghetti, yogurt, anything with sauce, LOL). The back can be adjusted to three different sizes…perfect for when baby transitions to toddlerhood. I LOVE the pocket because it’s great for catching liquid! Peanut was wearing this bib this morning during breakfast and it totally kept her dry. (She just learned how to drink using a straw.)

Bumkins SuperBib

The Bumkins SuperBib is the least protective of the “eating” bibs, in my opinion. This is perfect for the not-so-messy meals and for general use. We often take this one with us to restaurants and when we’re on the go. Easy to wipe and also comes with a pocket. The back is velcro and only has one setting but it works!

Whether you are dealing with acid reflux, the beginning stages of BLW, or general teething drool, there’s a bib for it! Hopefully, this list will help you on your way to keeping your babe happy and dry.

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Best Bibs for Baby