Want to put a baby to sleep? Easy! Follow my 27 steps:


1. Make sure baby has been fed or nursed to her heart’s content.

2. Burp baby.

3. Change baby’s diaper.

4. Put baby in comfortable pajamas.

5. Go to quiet, dark room.

6. Sing a few lullabies.

7. Rock baby in glider.

8. Stand up and do the “shush shush shush” bouncy dance.

9. Walk around room.

10. Sit on yoga ball and bounce.

11. Change diaper.

12. Check your phone for the time. And social media. And texts–   {SQUIRREL!}

13. Refocus. Change position of baby on your body.

14. Lay baby down and slowly creep away…

15. Pick up screaming baby. Return to step #6 (lullabies).

Sleeping baby wearing an olive green and light blue crocheted hat

16. Turn on sound machine.

17. Nurse or feed baby again.

18. Guzzle a bottle of water. Go to bathroom.

19. Swing baby from side to side.

20. Return to glider and rock.

21. Bounce baby while pacing the floor.

22. Send up a litany of prayers.

23. Smell baby’s head while watching her breathe.

24. Slowly approach bed.

25. Gently lay baby down.

26. Sloooooowly ninja roll away.


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Here’s wishing you (and your baby) sleepy dust,

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How To Put a Baby to Sleep in 27 Easy Steps