(versus what I THOUGHT I needed!)

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Ok, Mamas. Let’s do some real talk.

Shopping for a new baby can be exciting, exhilarating, fun…and EXPENSIVE.

Allow me to assist.

There will be PLENTY of time later to buy/borrow/receive gifts. In the meantime, what you honestly need includes…


A car seat

I absolutely LOVE this website: https://thecarseatlady.com/If you have questions or need peace of mind, definitely head on over! Read up on all things car seat. Do the research. Then, shop away.

I LOVE our Graco convertible seat!! (So much so that we got the same one when Peanut was born.) Can be rear facing and front facing. My thought was we would be using this seat for a LOOOONG time.

While the infant car seat won’t last quite as long as the convertible (because of weight limit), it is SO SO SO handy for transporting newborns and sleeping babies and babies that need to be safely contained while traveling OUTSIDE of the vehicle. (Think trips to the grocery store, public places, anywhere where you need a place to put baby down that isn’t the floor.) 

A Safe Place For Baby to Sleep

Whether it be a crib, a floor bed, a side car, or the family bed…do your research and make sure it’s safe and right for your family. (For more information, check out https://www.llli.org/the-safe-sleep-seven/ and How Bed Sharing Found Me .)

Clothes for Baby

Now when I say clothes…I mean a few outfits (not a few hundred, LOL). 

This was my ALL TIME FAVORITE pajama item:

To the person who first came up with baby pajama gowns…#GENIUS. Seriously.

To the person who came up with baby onesies with a thousand buttons…WHY?!! 

Honestly, by the time you are up changing little one for the second or third time at night, you will be grateful for the gown!

A few of these onesies with footies and you’re set! (Also note that these have zippers. I was not a fan of buttons, LOL!)

Depending on the time of year, these may be more preferable than the long sleeve onesies. 

To keep baby warm during sleepy time. 

Baby Hygiene Items

This kit is great because it literally has everything. The bulb thingamajig is a lifesaver. The nail clippers will be used weekly. And the thermometer is comforting to have on hand, especially if you are a new parent!

Diapers. Lots and Lots of Diapers.

Whether they be cloth or disposable…get ready, Mama!

For disposable diapers, be prepared but not TOO prepared. Honestly, babies just grow so darn fast. Before you know it, they go up to the next size. (Mommy Hack: Save gift receipts and don’t open every single box! You may need to return/exchange things.)

I never ventured into the cloth diapering world but from what I’ve learned, you will want a decent amount on hand (to give you time to wash before you run out completely).

Our favorite diapers were: 

Nourishment for Baby

If you plan on breastfeeding the baby, you are pretty much all set. (You may or may not need additional supplies like nipple shields, nipple balm, a hand pump.)

If you plan on pumping, you will need a pump and all of the supplies, including bottles, milk bags and bottle supplies (see below). You may want a hands-free pumping bra too.

If you plan on formula feeding, you will need formula, bottles, a drying rack, bottle brush.

For a more comprehensive list of pumping items, check out my post on 5 Must Haves For Pumping.

You may plan on one thing and end up doing another…or a combination of two or three of these options. (And that’s perfectly ok!)

My best piece of unsolicited advice: don’t buy too much of anything just yet. Sometimes babies will only take a certain nipple or end up being allergic to certain formulas or won’t take the bottle at all. Or mom chooses not to breastfeed or can’t. Or mom decides not to pump. Whatever it is…

In the end, you’ll figure it out together. red heart


Congrats again on your bundle of joy and may the force be with you!


What I Actually Needed for a New Baby