So Nugget and I flew the other night…I thought I had become a veteran flyer, considering this was our 9th flight together, 4th solo. (Read about my other flying adventures with Nugget before I got pregnant for more tips.) I made a few rookie mistakes and wanted to share them with you to save you from doing the same!

I’m also 22 weeks preggo…with a considerable bump.

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Without further ado, I give you…

What NOT To Do While Flying Pregnant With Baby

1. Don’t use a different diaper bag. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re somewhat of a creature of habit and like to know where things are. For me, this applies to my diaper bag. I know where EVERYTHING is located, right down to the chapstick that’s in the hidden pocket and the spare piece of chewing gum. I can find the wipes in 0.8 seconds and can navigate the entire bag in the dark.

Using a new bag just throws the universe off-kilter. And that is definitely something you don’t need while traveling. Pregnant. With a baby.

Because I used a different bag, I did not realize how loose the side pockets were. I got to the airport restroom before realizing my brand new container of cereal puffs had somehow lost its lid. This was a catastrophe! My daughter LOVES these and they are part of my arsenal. Thankfully, hubs had attached an extra hair tie to my backpack. I used it and a piece of paper towel to McGyver a lid. Yay for ingenuity!

My favorite diaper bag:

Parker Baby Diaper Backpack

2. Don’t overpack said diaper bag. 

I love being over prepared, especially for flights. Especially with baby! BUT…the panic that took ahold of me when I couldn’t fit the backpack underneath my seat was not pretty. I ended up smashing whatever snacks were in the front of the bag and using both feet to shove the bag as hard as I could under the poor guy sitting in front of me’s seat.

When I needed something from the bag, naturally, I had a hard time pulling the bag out from under the seat.

Then there was the Law of What Comes Out Must Go Back InI simply could not shove everything back into the bag (with sleeping Nugget in my lap) with one hand. I ended up asking the flight attendant for a garbage bag! So now, not only am I sweating buckets, I am leaving the plane with more to carry than when I got on. No bueno.

3. Take the size of your belly into account. 

This was something I definitely did not think about while packing. I mean, why would I???

Because…bending forward.

Bending forward in an airplane seat, with a lap child, only to find you cannot reach the *&^%%** backpack because you have a small person already in your lap AND you are the size of a house is nothing short of torture.

I really didn’t think about this while I was packing. Please don’t make the same mistake! Especially if you are traveling solo. The travel gods were with me though, and I had an empty seat next to me. (What????? That NEVER happens!) 

I also had a very nice lady sitting in the aisle across from me. She helped hold Nugget so I could contort my body and grab all 47 things I needed from the bag.

But seriously. Don’t overpack so you are able to easily access your items!

4. Don’t forget your snacks at home. 

BIGGEST ROOKIE MISTAKE! I didn’t actually forget the snacks, I forgot something worse…DINNER. I had carefully cut up fruit and sandwiches and packed them with care…only to leave them in the fridge as we were flying out of the house. As a result, I ended up paying $18.50 for a tiny pizza and bottle of water. (Sad, sad face.) Since Nugget and I couldn’t finish the pizza in one sitting, I very unwisely decided to put it in a grocery bag and put it in the front of my backpack…the same part of the backpack that was smashed like a pancake to fit under the seat. Moral of the story? Don’t forget your snacks at home.

5. Check your outfit. 

I chose a very sensible outfit. Black nursing top with easy one hand access. Check. Black maternity leggings. Check. Slip on shoes. Check.

Here’s where I went wrong. I had not worn my shoes in an eternity…and didn’t realize until it was too late (like, on the plane, wondering why my feet felt like sausages) that my shoes no longer fit my preggo feet. They were ultra tight and uncomfy. But, I’d have to deal.

My pants were super comfy and rested well below my bump, just the way I like it. My shirt was also super comfy. The problem? The shirt AND the pants were both on the shorter side…leaving me with a lovely plumber’s crack. Not easy to fix while holding a sleeping baby or trying to bend down to pick things up!

I also discovered my pants had a hole in them…in the back.

Other than these tiny hiccups, our flight was fairly smooth. I know on my return flight, I will be wearing a longer shirt and my backpack will be a lot lighter!

What are some of your pregnancy traveling hacks? Like this post? Please share!

Happy flying!




Tips for Flying Pregnant With a Baby