Want to work on counting and grouping with your kiddo and need something low prep? (Don’t we all?!) I GOT YOU, MAMA!

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This is such a fun and LOW PREP activity! The best part? It’s reusable!

Materials Needed:

  • Sheet of paper
  • Stickers
  • Sheet protectors
  • Dry erase markers


If you don’t already have these items at home, it might be a good idea to get them and just have them on hand! A great investment for future activities with your little(s)!


Step 1: Place stickers randomly all over sheet of paper

If your child is interested, he/she could do this step! Make sure stickers do not touch or overlap.


Step 2: Place decorated sheet inside sheet protector


Step 3: Decide what grouping you’d like to teach/learn/practice. Demonstrate by circling a group with dry erase marker.

I like to start with groups of 2, 5, and 10. (If your child isn’t ready yet and just wants to scribble on or circle each individual sticker, that’s ok too!)

Step 4: Let your child have at it!


Super simple to prep, is visually interesting to kids, and my FAVORITE PART…it’s reusable! You can do ANY groupings you’d like! Again and again and again.


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Happy counting!

Low Prep Math Grouping Activity