If you’re anything like me, you like to do your due diligence before buying things. There is nothing more annoying than buying something and having it turn out to be a complete dud! I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the best toddler plates and cups.

==========> READ. THOSE. REVIEWS! (All caps, with exclamation mark.)

But, let’s face it. Who has time???

Me. This girl. I have time! Without further ado, I present to you…my personal favorites…the best toddler plates and cups (and other snacky type things) out there.

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I cannot stress how much I love this plate! Once you plop it down on your table, it is going NOWHERE. It’s easy to clean, sturdy, and IT WORKS.


I HAVE FOUND MY UNICORN. The lid fits nice and tight and the straws are sturdy, despite my billygoats’ children’s attempts to chew and gnaw on them. They are pretty darn spill proof, even when knocked over. I freaking love these cups! The best part? I’m not too too sad if/when they accidentally get left behind (which, of course, has happened before with expensive cups).

Cleaning tip: Make sure to really get in the straws with a wire brush. If you don’t, over time, a lot of yuckiness will accumulate in there!

Lid administration tip: Do it over the sink! The liquid will squirt out of the straw when you put the lid on. You’re welcome.


Besides the cups featured above, this little gadget has been a lifesaver in our household. One of my little sweet potatoes lives (and loves) to squeeze things. This device allows her to be independent and transport her beverage with her around the house…while giving Mommy peace of mind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it fits virtually any juice box and pouch! (There are three different settings.)


If you have a straw biter, this is THE straw for you!! It’s pretty darn sturdy and will last a few chewings. 


These little cups are fabulous! I’ve put cereal, crackers, cut up fruit, and cheese inside. The possibilities are endless. Little fingers have to work for their food AND the food stays inside the cup for the most part. A win/win for all.

Hope this list helps you! There are a gazillion choices out there (trust me, I know). But these have been my tried and true faves so far. What are some of your favorite must haves?

Happy shopping,

Best Toddler Plates and Cups