On days that are particularly rough, I really need some mantras! I try my hardest to stop and reflect before the *&^% hits the fan. Sometimes, I am successful. Other times, I am unable to avoid the train wreck of a meltdown I am prone to having. Sleep deprivation, loneliness, isolation, stress, and mama life in general can wreak havoc on one’s personality. This parenting gig is tough! Tough—but oh so worth it.

Words are so powerful. They have the power to uplift or tear down. They can hurt or heal. Words can become reality.

I need to remember this when I’m talking to myself.

I need some mantras for mama.

Years ago, my therapist said to me, “You know, you say the words “it’s so hard” A LOT. You should pay more attention to what you say aloud. They tend to manifest themselves.”

Huh. I chewed on her words for over a week. I thought about the phrases I said aloud ALL THE TIME:

“Why is this so hard?”

“I’m so tired.”

“Why can’t I just get a break?”

“I don’t have time.”

Fast forward ten years…I’m still saying those phrases aloud. Of course, the circumstances of my life have changed dramatically…but I’m still saying the same words! Something’s got to give. This needs to stop! Am I manifesting this for myself by continually repeating these words?

I’m making it my goal to stop whenever I find myself heading down the same path.

The following are my new mantras for life, especially days that are a little more challenging:

1. I’ve got this.

Yes!!! I’ve got this! I really do! I may not feel like it right now, but I really do have this (fill in the blank) gig down. Sometimes, we all need a cheerleader and the best one is looking back at you in the mirror. YOU’VE GOT THIS, GIRL!!!

2. Tomorrow is another day.

Whether the thought du jour is “I didn’t accomplish anything!” or “This day was awful”, stop, take a deep breath, and remember that tomorrow is another day–a new day. That’s the beauty of this whole thing. Tomorrow brings with it unknown possibilities. You can start fresh. Hit the ‘reset’ button. One day does not make you a failure.

3. I’m stronger than I think.

Yes, my dear, you are. You have more strength, perseverance, power, endurance, and tenacity than you know. You are a MAMA. Don’t forget it! Be fierce, be bold, be brave. Whatever challenges you’re facing, know that you’ve got what it takes to face them.

4. How blessed am I to be _____’s mama.

This is my favorite of all the mantras. Think of your own nugget(s). Does your heart swell? Do you smile, no matter how frustrated/angry/sad/tired you are? Hold on to that feeling. Think of the snuggles. The smell of your LO’s hair. The sound of his/her giggle. We are so blessed to have been chosen for this job–mommy. The best job in the world.

5. Today, I choose to be happy.

Are there days when I wake up grumpy or tired? YESSSSSS. But why waste it if I don’t have to? Make a conscious effort to choose happiness. Try to find it in even the tiniest things. Does your house look like it imploded? Are you surrounded by dishes and laundry? Hair unkempt and unwashed? Look at the upside. Are you and your LOs making memories? Having fun? Are you spending quality time together? Try to see the humor and beauty in the small things. It’s what keeps us going!

Also, it’s ok to take a bit of time out to reset. Even if it’s 15 minutes for a cup of coffee. As a SAHM to two toddlers, breaks for me are rare but I make it a point to squeeze them in when I can. 🙂

How do you get through the tough days? Sometimes, I try to engage in a bit of self care for mama (when time allows) or do a thing for myself.

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5 Mantras for Overwhelmed Mamas