To the mama who is struggling…

I hear you.

I hear your cries late at night, when the whole house is asleep and you are finally alone. You are there with your thoughts, fears, to-do lists, and worries. To the mama who is struggling…I know you are drowning in the guilt and the struggle of whether or not you are doing right by your children. Filled with anxiety about the future and what it holds. Sitting alone with your feelings.

You are not alone.

I feel your anguish. And your pain and suffering. To the mama who is struggling…I feel your tiredness during those middle of the night feedings…and the tender look in your eyes as you rock your little one back to sleep. You deal with chafed nipples and stretch marks and maybe a c-section scar. But there is such a deep, indescribable love for your child.

Your haggard appearance, your extreme exhaustion–I’m right there with you.  I feel your topsy-turvy emotions. Emotions ranging from awestruck to adoration to fear to gratefulness to sadness. I feel your heart beating out of your chest. How you long to fall asleep but are kept up by the million thoughts zipping through your brain at 3 a.m. The struggle to find time for self care, for working out, for eating right is real. Even the simplest of things, like taking a shower, are a challenge.

I feel you.


To the mama feeling overwhelmed…

I see you.

I see you looking around your house at the piles…bills, laundry, toys…Struggling with whether to spend time with your little one or tackle the unending household chores. You juggle your babies and feel guilty for not having enough arms to meet everyone’s needs at once. I see you wondering where to even begin. Your loneliness and pain are palpable. I see your stretch marks and your scars warrior marks. Occasionally, you will catch yourself looking at the reflection in the mirror with sadness or disgust. Don’t. I see your beauty and your light. I SEE YOU, MAMA

To the mama feeling angry and tired and sad…

I get you.

Many are the moments when I am angry and tired and sad. Dealing with hormones and health issues and pregnancy and life with a toddler is…overwhelming. I get it! I get you. Even though I feel very alone, I’m not. And neither are you! There are so many of us going through the same thing. We all have our struggles that are unique to our lives. Try not to get too bogged down in it. RISE UP, GIRLFRIEND! Seek help. Ask for support. Dig deep and figure out a way to change our circumstances or our attitude. Try and remember that this is a season of life and it won’t last forever.

To the mama reading this…

I hope you find joy and beauty in your day today, even if it’s in the tiniest thing. Most days, I am grateful and filled with joy and so happy to be alive. Other days, I cry and I struggle and I grapple with my pain. I guess both are ok. I know that this too shall pass. But I’d like to have more days filled with joy than sadness. I’m taking steps to pull myself out of this sinkhole I’ve found myself in. I’m asking for help. (Hard as that is.) And as much as I feel like I have no support system, I do. Even if I have to seek them out myself.

I will take one thing at a time, one day at a time. Feeling exhausted? Then I will rest (as much as I can with an active Nugget). Feeling sad? I will cry. If I have energy, then I will attempt to accomplish a few things. Simple as that. No need to get caught up in my own head. I can go to therapy, talk to a friend, go to my chiropractor, go for a walk, go on a date with Hubs, hug my Nugget, turn to friends or family, do something kind for someone else. We’ve got this! Motherhood is a journey, not a destination. Like all things, journeys aren’t always perfect. There are detours, roadblocks, delays, and unforeseen circumstances. The important thing is to keep on going!

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Wishing you much love, xoxo,

woman holding her head in her hands


To the Mama Who is Struggling...