Nugget is almost 1 and I’m JUST NOW learning the importance of “me” time. In those early days and weeks (months?!) of motherhood, self care was just about the last thing on my mind. Big mistake!

5 Cheap Things For Mama To Do During Alone Time

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At first, I thought it was slightly selfish of me.

I would feel guilty being away from her. She needed me. I needed to nurse her…and hold her…and comfort her. Yes, these things are all true…but I also needed to take care of myself. (Plus, she is lucky enough to have her daddy!)

I eventually realized that not only is it NOT selfish of me…but it is vital to my health and wellbeing to take breaks!

I think it’s safe to say most moms (especially SAHMs) understand the need to be frugal and budget.

Things I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash over buying when I had my full-time job I now put on the back burner and look at longingly because we are on one income. (And actually, as of this post, Hubs is “sitting” so we’re technically on no income.) Even more of a reason to do cheap or free things!

***UPDATE: Hubs is working again! Hooray!***

“Do a spa day!”

“Get a massage!”

“Go on a girls’ weekend!”

“Hire a cleaning lady!”

“Go have a drink!”

No judgment AT ALL to those who can…It’s not realistic for me to do any of the above right now (much as I’d like to). Does this mean I can’t have my alone time?

Absolutely not.

I’m not going to lie. Tonight’s alone time was not very glamorous or well thought out. I told Hubs I needed to get out, poured myself a tall thermos full of coffee (decaf), grabbed my keys, and left. I drove the car around the block, parked, drank my coffee in silence, and cried.

That was it. That was my alone time.

But you know what? It worked. It got me out of the house for a minute. I was warm and safe. I had silence. I had coffee. Nugget was safe and loved and was being cared for. The only thing I was missing was a bathroom. (I’m extremely pregnant at the moment.)

It was also cheap!

I’m still working out the kinks…do I schedule my “alone time” or do it spur of the moment? How often should I do this alone time? Where should I go? Do I turn the alone time into a girls’ time and catch up with friends? Should I use it to exercise? To better myself somehow?

For now, I don’t have the answers.

Just that: a) Alone time is important for my mental health and b) I definitely need to have alone time at least once a week.



1. Drink coffee…in your car…alone.

Assuming, of course, you have someone to watch your LO(s) and you have a car. And you drink coffee. My point is, you don’t have to leave home (I mean really leave home) if you don’t want to.  Sometimes, when all is said and done at my house, it’s late and I don’t feel like going anywhere…but I still want to leave my house. So, I’ll go to my car. I’m leaving the physical building without actually going anywhere. And I’m savoring every last drop of my cup of joe. 

I am an AVID coffee drinker…so I am well stocked at home. Why pay $4+ for a cup of coffee when I can make it exactly the way I like it at home? Cheap AND made to order. It doesn’t get any better than that.

2. Give yourself a mani/pedi. 

I recommend doing this after the kiddos are asleep or if your SO is watching them. Because…wet nails. Right before my wedding, I treated myself to a salon manicure and *LOVED* my new gel nails…but hated the process of taking them off. The aluminum foil, the rubbing and scraping against my poor nails…OUCH. No, thanks!

Then I discovered Sally Hansen miracle gel. As a teacher and now as a mom, I would wash my hands what seemed like 100 times a day. Plus dishes. Nothing would annoy me more than having just done my nails and seeing chips in them a day or two later!  This nail polish is affordable AND withstands household chores! I also like that I don’t have to stick my hands under the lamp and wait for 10 minutes. (Yes, I’m impatient, LOL!) I love me a cheap manicure!

3. Wake up before LO does and read/drink coffee/play on your phone. 

I really admire mamas who do this because morning person I am not. But the thought of getting up and enjoying a quiet cup before the house wakes up…mmmmmm. If I really wanted to be productive with my time, I could wake up early and get in a quick workout (yoga, stretching) or do some meditation or journaling. Something JUST FOR ME. Cheap (actually, free)…refreshing…and solitary.

4. Take a bubble bath. 

I know there are days when a shower was a figment of my imagination…but, again, if SO is home or LOs are asleep, take a nice, relaxing bubble bath! Put on some relaxing music, burn a candle or some essential oils, and just…see your stress level melt away…at least for 30 minutes. Cheap, relaxing, and restorative.

I love supporting local artists/vendors/crafts people when I can. This is a great shop and the products are amazing! I get all my candles here: Amanda’s Soy Candles.

5. Go for a walk.

This, of course, is assuming you have someone to watch your nugget. I find that walking outside for 10 minutes clears my head and automatically puts me in a better mood. Best part…it’s free!

What do you do for alone time? Like this post? Please share!


Wishing you at least 30 minutes of peace,

5 Cheap Things for Mama to Do During Alone Time


5 Cheap Things For Mama To Do During Alone Time