Mama, Sing My Song by Amanda Seibert, illustrated by Sally Garland | Book Review

This book is an endearing love letter from a mother to her child. It is lovely in book form but when I scanned the QR code in the front cover, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the words are actually song lyrics! The downloadable song is titled “One Wonderful You” and is BEAUTIFULLY sung.

This book is like a giant, warm hug. The overarching theme is God’s love (and a mama’s love) for you, a unique and beautiful child. You don’t have to be religious or Christian to enjoy this book but the idea of God is definitely present throughout. The illustrations are full of whimsy and are simply gorgeous! The words are rhythmic and rhyme. The book has a wonderful flow and is fun to read. Overall, this is a sweet and delightful book! My 4- and 5-year-old thoroughly enjoyed it.

One added bonus…the front and back inside covers have space for journal type entries, making this book a perfect keepsake.

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