Ode to my Nips

Once upon a time, you were firm, solid, and round

Just another part of my body

I would make sure you were adequately clothed

In case you got cold

And decided to make an appearance

We coexisted peacefully


One day…

You got the shock of your life

Tiny little lips fastened themselves around you

Mewing, clawing, sucking


Day and night

The tiny little master required your compliance

Every two…three…four hours

Pulling, sucking, twisting

For months at a time

Suddenly, teeth appeared on the scene

Every now and then, blood would be drawn

Little fingers pinched, scratched, caressed

Suddenly, you were long and stringy

Like stretched out gummy worms

Much loved but much used

Sometimes you felt like shards of glass

As you rubbed against my shirt

Sometimes you dripped unceremoniously

In public

But always,


You were part of this sweet journey

To provide sustenance




To my sweet little girl

And for that,

I thank you.







Ode to my Nips