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Dear Husband,

Thank you for not giving up on me after babies.

Not that you ever would. But I know it hasn’t been easy.

Besides the obvious changes that come with the territory of becoming new parents (hello, sleep deprivation?), we experienced a major shift within our household as I went from full-time teacher to stay at home mom. We shifted from years of infertility to having a beautiful baby. We shifted again from one baby to two within a little over a year. Our marriage shifted as we focused on our daughters instead of each other or ourselves. SO. MANY. CHANGES.

Thank you for supporting us financially as well as emotionally and physically.

All those late nights rocking and shushing our babies to sleep. All the 12 hour, 7 day shifts at work. All the tears of frustration and sadness you wiped away from my face after I had a long day. Thank you for being my rock and my village.

Thank you for diving right into parenthood, head first.

Diaper changes, skin to skin, sleepless nights, doctor’s appointments, reading, playing, cuddling…you always show up. Dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery runs…you do it all. Parenting, marriage, gender roles…so much of it looks different from what our parents and grandparents experienced. Thank you for being the amazing, hands on father and husband you are. 

Thank you for never giving up on me.

When I would scream and yell and cry…when I didn’t make any sense…when I seemed to be spiraling into a deep, dark abyss…Thank you for always being there to hold me, give me space, help me pick up the pieces, even when I’m sure you felt helpless and frustrated yourself. Thank you for listening to me, validating my feelings, and growing with me as a parent.

Thank you for forgiving me.

I’m not sure if it’s hormones, postpartum depression, being overwhelmed, or D, all of the above…but I’ve said things and acted in ways I am ashamed of. Thank you for never holding it against me, for forgiving me, and for encouraging me to move on. Thank you for continuing to support me as I try to figure it out.

Thank you for loving me.

Every single thing about me is different, from my postpartum body to my temperament to my moods. As I struggle to find my way, thank you for always loving the me that shows up that day.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.

I honestly wouldn’t want to go on this journey with anyone but you. Thank you for being you. red heart


Have you also struggled with life postpartum? Do you have an amazing partner who has supported you? Let him/her know! 

Wishing you peace and joy,